Common Questions.

What types of materials do you fabricate?

If it’s foam or wood, we can handle it! In addition, we can fabricate a broad range of other materials including: plastics, glass, metals, textiles, foam/bubble roll-stock, and much more.

What types of foam do you stock?

The most common types of foam material we stock in a broad range of color, type, and density is: EPS, PE, PU, EPE, EPP, and XLPE. (Also, includes some anti-static and ESD foams)

Can you produce conceptual designs/samples/prototypes?

Absolutely. The importance of sampling certainly varies depending on the complexity of the project, but we understand that anytime our customers are dealing with a custom-solution that it’s critical to ensure functionality on the front-end. There’s no better way to achieve that level of confidence than through prototyping.

Do you manufacture pallets?

In some instances, yes. Our capabilities are generally geared toward more specialized product than what is required to produce a standard pallet. However, if there’s a “custom” element to the pallet, then most likely we will be an excellent option for you.

Can you certify crates for international shipments?

Yes, we have and maintain ISPM-15 certification allowing us to manufacture wood products suitable for export shipments.

What types of materials are available for use with foam/wood assemblies?

We are rather diverse regarding the types of assemblies we can manufacture. It’s not uncommon for us to incorporate corrugated, hardware, hook and loop, fasteners, textiles, plastics, and countless other options into some of our assemblies.